The Agile Journey: Finding the Right Fit
An immersive read to identify routes of excellence in times of turbulence.

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The Agile Journey: Finding the Right Fit

Technological changes and globalization result in persistent market competition that puts pressure on organizations to change in order to deliver faster services and better products to customers. Agile is becoming a real trend among many organizations and across many industries. Agile generally signifies dividing tasks into small pieces of work or ‘sprints’ involving a constant feedback loop with stakeholders and users resulting in quicker and more valuable deliveries.
The main factors underlying the need for agile change include:

Delivering immediate or long-term value and future savings

  • Reducing risk
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Experimenting or making a strategic bet
  • Experimenting or making a strategic bet
  • Improving a process for an internal or external beneficiary
  • Increasing functionality and updating

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