How Agile Principles have Morphed
Exploring the new normal, adapting the new agile!

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How Agile Principles have Morphed

Satellite radio, the iPod, DVDs, Wikipedia, Windows XP. These were all inventions that launched or existed in 2001. All of these I listed have either redefined or been overtaken by something better. The iPod is now the iPhone. Satellite radio is still around, but has been overrun by streaming music services. Windows XP has had many upgrades in the last 20 years. The same can be said about the agile principles — specifically principle #6:
Back in 2001, when experts in Scrum, Lean, XP, and others were getting together to build what we know today as the Agile Manifesto, they were limited by the technology of that time. It was also based on teams who would ideally work in the same physical location.

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